A Guide to Valtan Gate 1 in Lost Ark

Brace yourselves for Lost Ark’s first formidable challenge, Valtan the Demon Beast Commander in Gate 1. This guide equips you with the knowledge to overcome Lost Ark Valtan’s fury.

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Legion Raids Rules

  • No Revives: Unlike Argos’ revives, death is permanent in Lost Ark Legion Raids, demanding teamwork and skill.
  • Gate System: Progress is saved by the gate. Clear Gate 1, then resume later at Gate 2.
  • Boss HP Visibility: You can see the boss’ HP, with specific mechanics occurring at set thresholds.

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Your Sidereal Allies

Powerful entities called Sidereals can be summoned during the fight:

  • King Thirain (Ctrl+Z): Deals massive damage.
  • Wei (Ctrl+X): Provides high stagger damage.
  • Balthorr (Ctrl+C): Creates a defensive buff zone.

Key Mechanics of Lost Ark Valtan Gate 1

Lost Ark Valtan’s fury unfolds in stages, marked by specific HP thresholds. Here’s what to expect:

Phase 1: The Split (X46)

The fight begins with a dramatic transformation. Lost Ark Valtan splits into two distinct entities: a Red  Lost Ark Wolf and a Blue Lost Ark Wolf. Don’t be fooled by the temporary absence of the Blue Wolf – it will return later. Focus on dealing damage to the Red Wolf for now.

Phase 2: Separating the Wolves (X39)

At a critical point (X39 HP), the Blue Wolf returns. Keeping them together grants both a defense buff. To counter this, two players (marked Red and Blue) act as wolf tamers, pulling their assigned wolves to opposite sides of the arena. Additionally, four random players receive a yellow buff to focus solely on damaging the Blue Wolf (invader). Others control the Red Wolf’s movements and avoid its attacks.

Phase 3: Staggering the Red Wolf (X30 & X15)

At X30 HP and again at X15 HP, the Red Wolf initiates a crucial mechanic that requires exceptional teamwork and communication. The Red Wolf gathers energy for a devastating attack, and a stagger check appears underneath it. However, before you can interrupt this attack, you’ll need to deal with some colored orbs that appear around the Red Wolf. These orbs chase players and alternate red and blue colors. Here’s the catch:

  • Each collected orb increases the Red Wolf’s stagger vulnerability, creating a window of opportunity to interrupt its attack.
  • Taking two consecutive orbs of the same color or letting an orb touch the Red Wolf results in a party wipe, so be mindful of your pathing and coordination.

Phase 4: The Fearsome Leap (X10)

Past X10 HP, Lost Ark Valtan targets the farthest player with a fearsome leap. Run behind it to avoid damage and perform a stagger check to interrupt the attack. Failing the check deals heavy damage, and a second failure wipes the party. Fast players can use their Awakening to avoid fear.

Understanding the Red Wolf’s Fury

  • Bleed Stacks: The Red Wolf’s attacks inflict bleed stacks. Taking 3 stacks triggers a damaging line explosion. Avoid bleed slashes and cleanse at 2 stacks or use Panacea. Equipping “Purify” on a low cooldown skill is recommended.
  • Red Wolf Attacks: Be aware of the Red Wolf’s various attacks, including Backflip Slash, Roar (with AoE explosion), Blood Explosion (exploding circles), Slash and Spin, Charge Slash, Triple Claw (with a damaged window after dodging), Berserker Claws, and Red Tornado (chases a player trapped within a larger tornado).

Dodge attacks, manage bleed stacks, and utilize Sidereals strategically to conquer Lost Ark Valtan Gate 1 and claim your powerful Relic Gear rewards!

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