What Is Mobile Legends’ Rising League

Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) has gained recognition by solidifying its presence in the mobile esports industry. Moonton is now elevating its efforts with the launch of the MLBB Rising League. This is a program designed to enhance the accessibility of MLBB gaming like never before.

In the past, esports was typically reserved for top-tier players belonging to established Mobile Legends teams with skills. The Rising League shatters this barrier by offering a multi-stage tournament format that caters to players of all levels.

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A three-tiered Path to Glory

The MLBB Rising League operates on a three-stage system: Qualification, Breakout, and Team Clash. Each stage offers a distinct challenge and a stepping stone towards becoming a Rising League champion.

  • Qualification: This is your gateway to the competition. By simply completing daily ranked tasks during the Qualification phase, you’ll earn entry into the next stage, the Breakout. This means even casual players can participate and get a taste of competitive MLBB.
  • Breakout: Buckle up, because the Breakout stage happens only on weekends. Here, you can compete solo or form a ML team with friends, regardless of your current rank. The key is to have the same bracket progress within your team. However, there’s a twist: you’ll need Entrance Tickets earned from the Qualification stage to participate. These tickets limit the number of MLBB matches you can play, ensuring everyone gets a fair shot.
  • Team Clash: The Breakout stage serves as a proving ground. If you and your team perform exceptionally well, you’ll gain access to the prestigious Team Clash. The Breakout stage brings together the teams in an 8-team single-elimination format. The winner of this showdown will be named the Breakout Champion earning not only bragging rights but also potentially exciting rewards.

Benefits beyond the trophy

Being part of the Rising League isn’t about winning; it’s about improving your skills, strategizing with teammates, and enjoying the thrill. Here are some added benefits you can anticipate.

  • Exclusive Rewards: Advancing through the stages will unlock in-game rewards for you. These prizes could vary from Mobile Legends character skins and emblems to effects and titles, letting you showcase your Rising League accomplishments.
  • Improved Teamwork: The ability to strategize and work effectively as a team is crucial for success in MLBB. The Rising League provides a platform to develop these skills, whether you’re playing solo or with a team.
  • Esports Aspirations: The Rising League serves as a stepping stone for aspiring esports players. By performing well, you can catch the eye of established Mobile Legends teams or organizations, potentially opening doors to a professional esports career.

The meaning of esports for MLBB players will change thanks to this. They will be able to participate in tournaments easily. This will also help them earn several rewards. 

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